Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Many mouths to feed

The other day we saw another show with the Duggars a Christian family with 17 children. The show we were watching was an earlier one called "Raising 16 Children." Every time we watch one of these shows we get fascinated with the family and Evan does all the Google research he can to find out more about them.

There are a lot of people who disagree with the fact that they have so many children, but really what right do you have to say that they should or shouldn't? It is their life. Their children seem happy, well mannered, and well provided for. They live debt free for goodness sake! Shows like this make me think of our possible future of who knows how many children. Our philosophy on birth control and how children are a blessing is very similar to the Duggars. To us they are an inspiration.

One of the things people like to point out is that having so many children is bad for the kids because they don't get enough attention or one-on-one time with their parents. I don't like that reasoning at all. In America, even families with only two children are not guaranteed time and attention. There are many families where both parents work and the kid is in daycare. I think that whether you have 17 kids or two it all depends on how you raise them.

I only have one sister and growing up I was lonely. I don't have a huge bond to either of my parents and my sister and I are very different. As a young adult I don't remember my mom ever coming into my room and having deep meaningful conversations with me. My parents were always there for me in the ways that they should be, but to this day my parents still miss out on a huge chunk of my life because we don't have the relational part of our relationship down. So despite the fact that we only have two kids in my family there are still many things missing.

Anyway, I think I kind of got off topic and opened my heart a bit much. That is all for now. I just really appreciate these families who stand unafraid against a society that does not agree with their lifestyle. Plus all 17 kids have names that start with "J" crazy huh?

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Amanda said...

haha...and here i thought my family was the only one for whom "duggar family" videos were a normal part of life. hehe. they certainly are an inspiration...though i really can't imagine. it's all in God's hands. i admire you guys.