Monday, August 4, 2008

The little boy inside of me is kicking up a storm right now and it is making me feel a bit sick. We have our second doctor's appointment tomorrow and will hopefully get to see the maternity ward. Having a baby in a foreign hospital will definitely be interesting, since we are not really sure what to expect. Will anyone even speak English? Our doctor doesn't seem to (though she is a woman and she gets points for that). It is just funny how different things are here. After our last appointment, which was short but we did get an ultrasound, we had to stop at the little desk to pay. We paid 100,000 Rupiah which was about $10.00 U.S.! Only $10.00? How crazy is that. Supposedly from what we were told, a normal birth should only cost us about $660.00 U.S. and I think that includes your staying in the hospital for a few days in a private room. Imagine if you could pay out of pocket for giving birth in the states.

We shall see how it all goes. I might need to come back here for all of my subsequent births. :)