Tuesday, February 19, 2008

kleenex mountains

Last week Jeremiah and I went to playgroup and there was another baby Jeremiah's age there who was sick. Jeremiah and this baby played together and most likely slobbered on the same toys since they are both in that phase. Two days later Jeremiah got sick. One day later, after holding the sick child, I was sick. Now it has been five days and Jeremiah is finally getting over it and I am hoping for an end to the stuffy nose and the coughing fits.

Though it is sad when Jeremiah gets sick it is cute as well. Sickness is the only time he will slow down enough to be held and cuddled with and when he is sick all he wants is to be cuddled. That is why my mom and dad are now getting sick as well. They couldn't resist his little sicky eyes and runny nose. My sister is also sick because she made the mistake, I mean choice, to come over here and then my mom kept telling her that Jeremiah wanted her to play with him. So sickness abounds around here and hopefully will end soon.

On another note we finally heard back from Indonesia after two long weeks of waiting. The verdict...keep waiting. They said that they really liked Evan's application, references, and interview but they had to give the economics position to another candidate who was more qualified. But they also said that they would love (actual word used) to have Evan as part of their team. The principal was going to look into a couple more possible positions at the other campuses so we shall see. We are hoping to hear back tonight. I know that it boosted Evan's self esteem to have them really trying to find a place for him because they want him to come. Since we are married and are a team, even though I will not be teaching I feel like their acceptance or rejection of Evan is an acceptance or rejection of me as well.

We both really want to go...to have a little bit (or a lot) of adventure, but it is also incredibly scary. Knowing soon would be nice, things here are getting a bit tense.

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Amanda said...

so what was the verdict?? have you heard back about the job? i hope everyone is feeling better...babies are cute when they are sick, hehe. but it's still no fun.