Friday, February 8, 2008

God and His sense of humor

I have to love God and His sense of humor. The day I posted my previous post I was at the end of my patience when it came to waiting for direction. I just needed something to happen...anything! I blogged about my frustration and by the end of the day two of my frustration blockades had been torn down.

1. Evan got his substitute license.
2. Evan received a time for an interview.

I was a little bit ashamed at the end of the day that I had so lacked patience in these areas. I am convinced that God chose that day for these events to happen to show me that He is indeed still working behind the scenes even when it seems like everything is at a standstill.

Since then Evan has had his interview and we are waiting to hear back from the school in the next week or two. He has also registered with the school district here and is awaiting their call to substitute. This is where we are in life at the moment.

Since it was Evan's birthday yesterday we get to go out for dinner and a movie free. Let me just say that I am quite excited about this. If we were to move away I think I would miss the baby-free date we go on every week the most. Because it was his birthday we should get to stay out a little later than usual. My parents should be able to get Jeremiah down to sleep since we have resorted to the cry it out method. While I hate putting him in his crib and leaving him to cry, he is 11 months old and still cannot go to sleep without us "holding his hand" or continuously laying him down for an hour. It has worked for the last two days and he has been crying less and less so we are crossing our fingers that this is our final solution.

That is all I have to post about today though I heard through the grapevine that I need to post more often. Getting more comments which would show me that people actually read this would help me to have the desire to post daily (which Evan said he would provide time for). We shall see.


Mr. Brammer said...

Read and enjoyed...

Amanda said...

you know i'm here reading...and waiting eagerly for more! God is pretty funny sometimes. that's great that evan's license came through and i'm excited to see where you guys end up in the next few months. i'm so glad we have things like blogs and facebook i can keep up with you(though in a very distant way). remember the good ol' days of xanga...ahhh...funny how things change. =)