Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The ideas are rolling around inside of my head...

For the last week or two I have had moments of, "I need to blog about that" but never did it. Of course I have an excuse and my excuse is Evan. When I asked for the computer today he said that I could have it when his fingers were dead and cold. As you can see I am married to someone who is quite attached to his electronics. In reality he lets me use the computer whenever I ask and is much more gracious about it than I am.

Lately I have been having "you know you are pregnant when..." moments.
For example: "you know you are pregnant when..."
*If in the movie, School of Rock where Jack Black is talking to different students and telling them that they are great at this or that...makes you want to cry, then you are probably pregnant.

Ok, so I had a lot more examples but have forgotten them. Oops...I must be pregnant.

Jeremiah and I went to the Gresham Mom's Club playgroup today. I was very excited to get to hang out with some other moms and babies. I can be a bit shy in the beginning of things or meeting people, but I have thought about going since September. During the fall I didn't have a car so that was my excuse for being cooped up in the house all day and not having any friends. Now though I need to be around other moms so badly that I faced my fears and did it. It was actually a God thing. I had been thinking about getting involved in one of the mom's clubs around here and on Sunday I was really convinced that I needed to go to one. When I got home from church and looked at my email I had a message from the president of the mom's club inviting me to come to the playgroup. So I did.

It was at a church in Gresham, though not affiliated with a church. I had to drive there all by myself and I think I did some pretty good stick driving (that was the part I was more scared about). I found the church and went inside to where they were having some sort of meeting. I knew that the group met downstairs, but when I went down there were a ton of children's classrooms and I didn't know which one they met in. I listened to see if I heard any children and after a few minutes (I got there early) I heard someone go through a door. So I followed whoever it was and found where the group met. Yay! Jeremiah had fun playing and I had fun being there though I was not as outgoing as I would have liked. There were about six moms and nine kids all three and under. It was good. Good to get out of the house and good to be brave.

I thought I had a lot more to say, but if I don't blog right away I guess it goes out of my brain.

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Amanda said...

kudos for being brave!! i would feel the except same way going into a situation like that...but i'm so glad you faced your fears and did it. i'm sure it's got to be nice to meet moms in the same place as you. some days i wish i could share mommy-hood with you...hopefully you'll still be having babies when i eventually get around to that point. =)