Saturday, January 12, 2008

The 9 month mark

So you may or may not have heard the news, but...I am pregnant...again! The nice thing about not using birth control is that we don't really worry about getting pregnant or are surprised and unprepared when it happens. We actually expect it every month. Each month we wait for "the time" to come and if it doesn't, well then we probably have another child on the way. Usually every month I think I am pregnant. "I feel kind of queasy...I must be pregnant." "I have to go to the bathroom a lot...I must be pregnant." So forth and so on. This month I actually thought I wasn't pregnant which makes it funnier that I am.

After I had Jeremiah I asked God for at least 9 months before I got pregnant again. Sure enough I got pregnant when Jeremiah was 9 months old. God is funny like that, but he sure does answer prayer (I joke that next time I will ask for a year :). It is not surprising though considering how Evan's and my life together has followed a 9 month pattern fairly closely.

Here is the breakdown:
Dating-Engaged: 9 months
Engaged-Married: 9 months
Married-Jeremiah: 9 months
Jeremiah-Pregnant #2: 9 months

Now in 9 months we will have another baby and 9 months later...who knows? Every 9 months though we do expect some big change in our life to occur which keeps life interesting.

We are excited about having a baby. This time it is a lot easier to not worry so much since I have a good idea of what will be happening. It is nice to already have that experience. The second pregnancy is also a bit harder though. Taking care of Jeremiah is a big job that demands a lot of attention so the thought of being pregnant gets pushed out of the way a lot. I am sure when I am huge then I will think about it more, but at the moment it is easy to forget that there is a little "bean" inside of me that will someday be my son or daughter. We will hopefully get on the Oregon Health Plan again, so soon I can visit the doctor. I want to hear the ultrasound of the little heart beat and make sure there is just one and not two.

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Amanda said...

that's crazy about the 9 month deal! i hadn't ever thought about it...but when you break it down like that, it's like wow. yeah, just like that -"wow." =) i'm so excited to meet the next little one jess. sad that i won't be able to meet him/her right away like jeremiah. i hate change and distance. i really don't, but i think you understand. =)