Friday, November 23, 2007


So here it is the morning of 5am shopping and freezing cold weather. Evan went out early this morning to get a few electronics at the sales while Jeremiah and I stayed home and "slept" (which basically means Jeremiah tossed and turned in our bed and I was kept awake by trying to keep him from rolling off). At the moment he is talking to himself in his crib where he is playing. I am writing because this morning I think I discovered one reason why God created babies.

Here it is: babies wake up and are happy to be alive and awake and are ready for the day as soon as their eyes open. which for them means being loved and playing with toys (sounds like a pretty good existence to me). This makes their parents happy and makes their day better (for a time). So each morning for a few moments at least, Jeremiah is happy with the world and his role in it thus making me happy to see him be that way. Unfortunately this happy awakeness doesn't tend to last long and the real world sets back in where he can't play with all that he wants or has to have his diaper changed.

Oh well, at least we have glimpses.

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