Friday, November 16, 2007

Here we go...

Since Jeremiah is being good in his crib I will take these few precious seconds to write my first post. Jeremiah is 8 1/2 months old and is beginning to get clingy with me, which is cute most of the time but inconvenient at others. Today I had played toys and occupied him all morning and it was nearing noon with no nap in sight for him and therefore no shower in the picture for me. So I set him in his playpen in the family room to take a quick, five minutes of me time, shower. He had already protested to being sat in his crib to play and I knew he would make a fuss over being alone in the family room. After my five minute shower I was finishing getting ready to the sound of him screaming at the top of his lungs as though I left him alone in the wilderness and had driven away never to return. Our lab Sydney happened to be in the room with him and didn't like the sound of him crying. Every time Jeremiah would scream, Sydney would put her face in the air and moan. It sounded like her maternal instincts were kicking in and that she was trying to get Jeremiah to calm down. All the while I was in the hallway laughing at the whole scene happening in the family room. All I could hear was scream, moan, scream, moan... It seemed like Jeremiah would calm down a little when Sydney would "talk" to him. I quickly finished what I was doing and rescued Jeremiah from the hard, cruel fate of being stuck in a safe playpen full of toys.

By the way I am finishing this blog the morning after I started it. Life with a baby.

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Amanda said...

horray for blogs! i'm so glad you started one jess...of course having a baby and husband and life may mean you don't get to write much, but it will be so good to read when you do get a chance. i can't believe jeremiah is almost 9 months old...crazy. i miss you!