Friday, March 28, 2008

Boxes and boxes of chaos

Since this week was spring break for Evan and my dad was home all week we decided to finish off the storage unit. On Saturday we borrowed my dad's truck and went down to Salem and got our bed (finally a comfortable queen!) and a few other things. His truck isn't the biggest so we were going to have to make many trips it would seem. Tuesday we took his truck down as well, but Wednesday we decided to rent a budget rental truck and just finish the job off. Driving down to Salem everyday was too much and we had to keep having my sister and dad watch Jeremiah all day, which messed up the poor kid's routine.

So Wednesday we packed up the whole storage unit and paid the last of our dues. When we left for Yakima last year we thought all of the things we put into storage we our important, couldn't live without, belongings. Now when we look at the things we saved we just see junk. It is kind of hard to get rid of your whole life's worth of stuff, but a bit relieving as well. To come back here after a few years and to just have a few boxes in my parents spare bedroom sounds a lot nicer than boxes upon boxes of things to unpack and repack... Frankly I am tired of packing and repacking.

Anyway, we packed up everything and brought it home, to my parents house that is. My parent's living room is now trashed, I mean stacked to the ceiling, with all the rest of our belongings. We managed to give away most of our big furniture to my sister and a few things to my parents in exchange for rent, but we still have a lot. We have been going through each box and making piles of things to save, take, give away or sell. The problem is that we are doing all of this in a house that is already furnished and full. There is no room for our junk while we sort. So life is chaotic at the moment. It is also extremely hard to sort all of these things with a one year old. He can be very helpful at taking things out of boxes and putting things back in, but soon he wants to play with something from the boxes that he is not allowed to play with and a fit ensues. The poor kid has been extra emotional lately anyway I think from all the changes.

So here we are practically giving our life away for free to whoever wants our stuff. Let us know if your need anything. We probably have it and will need to part with it soon.

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